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rockin and rollin with my intestines spilling out all over

The pitter-patter of little feet, goblin feet

OK, I ate something and now I'm feeling OK.

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a disappointed gaze, eye contact, gifs, conan 

making gifs from movies again

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cancel culture, work 

See, the mistake I made here was in asking about 70 freshmen their opinions on cancel culture. Because now I have to read all of these opinions on cancel culture.

There's just something about receiving a fresh zine in the mail.

I love to use my combat shotgun on public officials.

Paste: Straight from the tube to your mouth.

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Mining delicious polyps from the colon of an Elder God as he slumbers. Tonight, we feast, and then, drunk on his ancient, devastating dreams, we mate under the new moon, praying for rain and the conception of an heir to our vast Magic: the Gathering card collection.

gm, sailor. hoist the main sail or what have you

cartoon violence 

wrenching the head off of a little man and drinking the blood from his neck.

liquor for frat bros II 

two fourloko afternoon

liquor for frat bros 

two fourloko morning

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Even a worm will turn.