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I was buying booze this morning at the gas station and the attendant was like Oh, are you over 21? and when I showed him my ID he was like Quite a bit over!! thanks dog

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Just trying to pick a scab in peace, but people keep going "stop touching me" and "ew, get away" and changing seats on the bus.

slurp slurp slurp mmm hahah mmmm slurp

Practicing some chaos magic by drooling on my grimoire and drawing sigils in crayon

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My mom mentioned today that the first sign she had that she had this extremely rare blood disorder was that she would cry randomly for no reason. Weird mood swings. And, like, I have those right now. So. Time to get some bloodwork done, I suppose.

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No adderall this week. I'm suffering.

turning into nega slime, aka dark slime

Sorry I posted so little yesterday. I was gaming with my cousins and getting righteously sick on pizza

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Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties

Atop the ziggurat. Great place to chill.

Wake up in the morning, grab some Wheaties and, bam, that's all it takes. I'm ready to ride the worm.

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quick, we've gotta rescue joe biden

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Even a worm will turn.