Slime Golem and the Parapet Wrigglers

Drove down highway 1 a bunch. Saw elephant seals. Went to Hearst Castle. Good shit.

San Francisco 

I've been attacked by roving bands of cannibals twice now, but I was able to hold them back with this rebar I've repurposed into a club.


heading to SF this weekend, I'll keep posted

Oh no, I ran over Malcom Gladwell while driving the monster truck Grave Digger. Guts all over the pavement!

meeting the devil and just hitting it off immediately

Went to a vape store and the vibes were so bad, deeply corrupt. It was like being in Mordor.

@apezor ok, cool, sorry I wasn't more responsive my bud

@apezor You could go through my "following" list and see if there's anyone that piques your interest

exposing myself to powerful energies

nestled in among the river stones is me, your heroic little animalcule

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Even a worm will turn.